Company Profile

Shanghai PharmateQ Co., a leading export oriented company in China in the field of pharmaceutical products. As a generics supplier, Shanghai PharmateQ develops and markets a broad range of products including Antibacterials, Antipyretic&Analgesia, Antimalarial, Cardiovascular Products, Antiretrovirals, Gastroenterological Products, Respiratory Products,Verterinary and etc., most of which is on the WHO's essential drug list. All products are manufactured under strict quality control, which is in conformity with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and regulated by the authorities in respective countries.

Always cognizant of the needs of customers, PharmateQ bases its strategy on "quality products at competitive prices". Now customers in over 50 countries around the world recognize PharmateQ as a reliable source of quality products at competitive prices.


Improve the quality of life by supplying essential drugs for the people in need.

Shanghai PharmateQ seeks to combine the most capable management talent, highest quality standards and best manufacturing practices in supplying essential drugs on the principle of "Quality and Accessibility".


1.Achieving customer satisfcation is our fundamental principle.
2.Provide products and services of the highest level of quality.
3.Foster mutually beneficial relations with all our business partners.

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